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Accessible from any android NFC compatible device

The E Sentry Connect App is free of charge and designed to work with any android based device working on a 4.0 Kit Kat or higher operating system.

Provides Inspectors with Important Equipment Data

The tag allows for valuable data related to the equipment to be recorded on the tag and available to the operators during the inspection including notes specific to the use of the IR Window, inspection details, Arc Flash Incident Levels, PPE requirements etc.

Records & Saves Inspection Details

The tag contains the inspection details from the previous inspection as well as a note section that allows the user to make notes relating to their inspection that may be valuable for the next inspection cycle.

Records & Saves Inspection Parameters

The tag allows for data such as IR window transmission rates, maximum allowable temperatures, emissivity settings to be saved for the reference of other inspectors using the IR Window.

Automatically saves the time, date and user information

User data from the NFC device is automatically saved to the E Sentry Connect Tag when recording any new inspection details.