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Battery Operated

The Delta T Alert™ sensors run on three AA batteries thus eliminating the need to run electrical power to all the units. The average battery life is 18-24 months, and can be extended up to 36 months depending on your settings and environmental conditions.


The Delta T Alert™ system uses Z-WaveTM technology to wirelessly connect multiple sensors to each controller thus eliminating the need to run network cabling.

Easy to Install

The Delta T Alert™ sensors are small so they can be fitted nearly anywhere and contain an internal magnet that help it easily attach to the metal enclosure (although it is recommended to use the included mounting bolts.

Emergency Alarm Notifications

The Delta T Alert™ system will alert you when your predetermined temperature threshold is breached.

Temperature Sensors

The patented Delta T Alert™ sensors comprise of two temperature sensors – one to monitor the electrical enclosure´s interior temperatures and the second to monitor the room´s ambient temperature where the enclosure is located.


The Delta T Alert™ system keeps track of all historical temperature data making it easy for you to build reports and conduct trending analysis.


You can program your Delta T Alert™ system to automatically take up to eight scheduled temperature readings per day.

Environmentally sealed (optional)

The environmentally sealed version of the Delta T Alert™ sensors can be installed outside.