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The IW series is the latest generation of Smart Infrared Window from CorDEX Instruments. The IW series of infrared windows work with any infrared thermal imaging device to improve safety, efficiency and accuracy for electrical system testing and diagnostic maintenance.

Low Profile Design

Smooth, rounded edges, slim profile and typical switchgear coloring match your host equipment perfectly, for a seamless installation.

Anodized Aluminum Housing

Your switchgear body is made of metal, so your IR Window body should be also. Ensure you are not at risk of electric shock with this fully grounded, corrosion protected design.

Impact Resistance Clear Cover

Protect your investment and maximize your return. The impact resistant clear cover helps prevent accidental damage whilst at the same time allowing visual inspection and confirmation of equipment status.

Spring Loaded Hinge

Avoid crowded panels restricting your view. Install IW Series in any orientation and its spring loaded hinge will open and hold the cover automatically while you perform your survey.

¼ Turn Quick Release Mechanism

Captive ¼ turn locking mechanism saves you money every time you use it. Simply twist the key 90 degrees and the IR Window automatically opens.

Delivered Fully Assembled

No need to waste time and lose parts by removing screws and reassembling. Simply open the package, install and go.

13.5MHz RFID Tag

Wirelessly identify each IR Window with its unique, embedded RFID tag. Build databases of your IR Window inspections with any 13.5Mhz RFID enabled tool, or take advantage of CorDEX CONNECT software and enabled tools to do it for you!

Broadband, HYDROGARD™ Coated Crystal

Operates with any camera; digital, infrared or ultraviolet, the HydroGARD coated optic is designed to be flexible and last the test of time.


The IW Series is manufactured from industrial grade materials designed to withstand electrical arcs and certified by Underwritten Laboratories (UL) to follow the very latest IR window standards. Install the certified, IW Series SMART IR Windows to help comply with NFPA70E electrical safety guidelines and reduce the need to wear large and bulky PPE.

Take a look before you shoot with the high security, spring loaded impact cover. With IW Series, there is no need for second visual inspection windows in addition to your IR Windows, as you can confirm switch positions for lock-out tag-out compliance with the same Window as you shoot IR. Maximise your investment, don’t throw away your IR Windows when you change your equipment. The fully removable IW Series IR Windows can be used again and again, outliving the life of your equipment.

The IW Series crystal lens is also protected with HYDROGARD™ advanced formula to stop environmental moisture damage allowing the windows to be used both indoor and outdoor.